Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Florida for Nature Lovers in 2022


Florida is known for its world-class amusement parks and entertainment hubs, which draw tourists from all over the globe. Although it’s a well-liked vacation spot for adventurers and partygoers, nature lovers should also go there. Florida boasts a number of beautiful nature parks and breathtaking landscapes outside of its vibrant urban hubs.

There are a lot of natural attractions in Florida, but here are the top 7 that you should visit right away:

1 Panama City Beach RV Resort

Being able to see Florida in an RV is a unique experience its own. Although most campgrounds are gritty and rough The resort at this one elevates the vacation in an RV experience. The luxurious park offers full hookup campsites that can accommodate almost every model of RV you can imagine. If you’re planning to travel to Florida with your family the RV resort is a must included in your travel plans as it could be your jumping off location for fishing, golfing swimming, trekking, and more. There’s even a dog park for all family pets!

2 Heathcote Botanical Gardens

Explore this five-acre subtropical garden in South Florida, just off the coast of the Atlantic. With its selection of speciality gardens, such as the Japanese or the Reflection Garden, or if you’re in Florida with kids, you may visit the Children’s Garden, green thumbs would be happy. They even have a native plants garden where you can learn about herbs and other botanical remedies, as well as a veggie garden.

3 Northwest Florida’s Coastal Dune Lakes

Spend a day in South Walton if you ever find yourself in North Florida. Some of the most uncommon coastal freshwater lakes can be found beyond the magnificent powder-white dunes. These lakes are only found in three other places: Madagascar, Australia, and New Zealand. You travel to South Walton because there are no other freshwater lakes like them in the Western Hemisphere.

4 Naples Zoo

If you have curious children and you’re in Florida, visiting the zoo is a must-do. A one-of-a-kind experience is provided by the Primate Expedition Cruise at the Naples Zoo. You’ll board a catamaran for the cruise and travel among islands for 20 minutes while seeing various apes and primates along the way. You’ll go through areas where apes, lemurs, and monkeys that are threatened in their natural habitats can be found. Because Naples Zoo is also a conservancy, it appeals to people who love animals and the outdoors.

5 Siesta Key

Often, Siesta Key is ranked as one of America’s top beaches, Siesta Key is one of the most visited destinations located in Florida to families with children as well as couples. It’s located right in the middle of on the Sarasota Coast on the Gulf of Mexico. It is awash with 8 miles of white, powdery sand , crystal-clear blue sea. At daytime you can go swimming and go shopping. In the evening, the area changes into a vibrant and vibrant dining and entertainment district.

6 Tarpon Springs

Discover manatees, stingrays, dolphins, tarpons, and other large fish up close in Tarpon Springs’ bayous. To explore the huge seas and encounter these gentle giants, you can hire kayaks. Additionally, be ready to paddle on the lake all day long. You can choose to get a kayak sail if you intend to spend a lot of time on the water. You can unwind while on your journey in this manner.

7 Ocala National Forest

If you’re living in Florida for a trip with a couple the forest is a beautiful area to relax to. It is possible to hike the Florida National Scenic Trail and explore the lush sandy pine forest, which is a critically endangered subtropical zone that is only found in Florida. If you’re feeling adventurous adventurers, you can take your e-bikes, or even a horse for more speed. If you’re looking to slow down, it is easy to relax in the pool and take a snorkeling trip in Ocalas freshwater pools, such as Alexander Springs or Juniper Springs.

Florida is more than just a retirement spot and has amusement parks, it’s the perfect spot for nature lovers. From slow-paced walks in the woods to full-day kayaking the state is full with options to enjoy the in the great outdoors.

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