The Best Destinations to Visit in October

The Best Destinations to Visit in October

The autumn season has always been a favorite in our hearts even though we like laying on the beach during summer and exploring winter beautiful landscapes. With lower costs and less tourists Also, October is the ideal time to view the autumn leaves. (Those hot sands remain readily available, should you’re willing to take an airplane.) Take a look at the top destinations to visit during October whether you’d like to experience the vibrant leaves change or escape to the tropical Caribbean. To ensure your holiday in Turkey is exactly what you want, you will select unique sites to visit, things to do, and places to stay.

The Spanish town of Marbella, a resort Town of Marbella

Marbella located in the south in Spains Costa del Sol, is blessed with warm weather all the way through October, with bright days and temperatures that reach the 70s. Tourists flock to the region during summer time to take advantage of an extensive 16-mile stretch of coast marinas, hotels eateries, and shops. Marbella is a city which was first established by the Romans has since been redeveloped with archaeological sites as well as an historic district with structures dating back to the 16th and 17th century. There are both luxury hotels as well as more relaxed choices for lodging. There is the Club Med Magna Marbella, situated at the foot of the Sierra Blanca Mountains with views of the Mediterranean is among the latest developments in the city. There is the Club Med Spa and five pools make this 4trident (four-star) resort perfect for families with children.

Location: Mykonos, Greece

The busy tourist season is over, but the ocean is still warm and there are some bargains to be found in Greece in October, according to numerous frequent guests who have visited the islands. With temperatures of 70 degrees, Hora (Mykonos Town) is a great area to take an afternoon stroll, shop and admire the beauty of the island’s iconic whitewashed buildings. Explore the beautiful scenery and take the boat ride, or try some Greek wines while there. Cali Mykonos offers luxurious suites and villas that have Aegean Sea views, private terraces, pools, as well as spa amenities. The villas and suites at Kalesma Mykonos, located on the top of a hill just two miles distant from Mykonos Town, offer breathtaking views of Mykonos’s island.

Turkey; Istanbul

It is located in the northwestern region of Turkey located on The Bosphorus Strait, this fascinating city is a gateway to Europe as well as Asia. Turkeys capital city of culture, Istanbul, is a must-see for its numerous tourist attractions. Some of the attractions that are worth visiting that are located in Istanbul include Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome of Constantinople, Blue Mosque along with Topkapi Palace. There is also the Istanbul Coffee Festival, held from October 6 to 9 will celebrate the country’s coffee culture by hosting concerts, performances and other events, while The Contemporary Istanbul art exhibition runs from October 16 to 22. In the European end of Bosphorus Strait, youll find two 5-star hotels: the old Shangri-La Bosphorus, built in the 1930s, and the contemporary Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus.

The New Jersey Seafront

There are a few towns with beaches, amusement parks and hotels within the 127 miles of coastline, also known by the name of Jersey Shore. Cape May is the first beach tourist destination within the United States, making it an National Historic Landmark. Congress Hall Congress Hall has been open to the public for two centuries and has rooms, suites as well as restaurants and bars. Asbury Park has a rich heritage in the arts and remains an ideal spot for live music. Apart from being near to beaches, The Asbury Hotel also is home to a lively bar scene. There is a variety in dining choices, ranging from restaurants that serve fast food, to gourmet dining and an outdoor pool, beach fitness center, and spa in The Hard Rock Hotel.

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