Six of Quito’s Most Amazing Tourist Attractions

Six of Quito's Most Amazing Tourist Attractions

The more famous Galapagos Islands frequently surpass Quito, the nation’s capital. Many times, visitors are not aware of the city’s numerous distinctive attractions. After all, Quito as a whole was named the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in history. This gateway city is not to be missed because it has more than a dozen old churches, a wide variety of museums and tourist sites, and a developing gastronomic culture that honours traditional ingredients.

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1 Ciudad Mitad del Mundo

Go to visit the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo for an insight into Ecuador’s past as well as the indigenous population. The Equator is a national landmark that has several statues, a tiny village and a charming old-fashioned museum. Don’t be deceived by the tiny size. The museum is home to exhibits from Highland as well as Amazonian tribes in addition to an eclectic selection of music instruments, clothes and textiles, as well as other objects. The museum, as well as the adjacent Middle of the Earth, is among the best things to do in Quito.

2 La Campana

All of Quito’s churches are close to one another and can be reached on foot, but if you only have time to visit one, make it Compaia de Jess. The interior of the structure is only surpassed by its magnificent appearance. Take seven tonnes of gold leaf as an example. It covers all extraneous surfaces that are exclusive to a place of worship.

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3 The Crystal Palace

Itchimbia is situated high over the Quito’s Old Town, surrounded by the Guayas River. Take a stroll through this tranquil park in Guayaquil to take a stroll or to relax after a day of exploring and enjoy the stunning views. Itchimbia is the home of the famous historical famous Crystal Palace. The building was brought over from Belgium piece by piece , and restored by the Engineers Francisco Manrique and Carlos van Ischot and supervised by Gustave Eiffel of Eiffel Tower fame.

4 Eat Empanadas

When you travel, do you like to eat and drink the local fare? If you’ve never tried an empanada, a trip to Quito will convert you. This delectable delicacy of South America is a street food favourite in Ecuador. Restaurants and sidewalk vendors alike sell empanadas all around the city. The top item on our list is empanadas de viento, which have a cheese-filled interior and a sugary outside. Another choice is empanadas de verde, which are fashioned from green plantains.

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5 La Forest Street Art Tour

To experience the city on foot with a local, sign up for the free La Forest Street Art Tour. Three hours will be spent making your way through ancient homes while you discover more about Ecuador’s colourful past, as well as its vibrant murals and thriving graffiti art culture. You will also go to the renowned Ocho Y Medio, a unique independent movie theatre, as part of the excursion. Without experiencing some of the mouthwatering coffee and regional delights, a trip to Quito would not be complete.

6 La Ronda

La Ronda is one of the best preserved colonial Old Town’s streets. The cobbled streets are vibrant and bustling, with galleries, cafes, and the finest traditional craftsmen appointed by the state to show their work with the general public. If you are arriving at a very early hour in the day the area is quiet and is a good spot to enjoy a peaceful beverage. The street becomes buzzing with activity from shops and tourists.

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