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It is common knowledge in the fitness industry that certain exercises can help you lose weight. A combination of several ab exercises can give you the six-pack you desire. Numerous personal coaches have claimed that different exercises can tone different areas of the body.

Most of these people will try to sell you something. It is not possible to define specific muscles by isolating them. This has been proven conclusively. Exercises that claim to target the upper pectoral muscles will also benefit the lower pectoral, and vice versa. It is impossible to work in one area and leave the rest alone.

Pectoral Muscle Group Anatomy

To build a strong, sculpted chest, you need to work on three sections of your pectoral muscles.

Pectoralis Minor

For those who want to increase their chest size, you can do isolated exercises that don’t move the shoulder blades. Although these movements seem to be effective, they neglect the Pectoralis minor, which is the most important muscle. This muscle stabilizes the shoulder blades and promotes fluid arm movement and range of motion.

Pectoralis Major

The Pectoralis major is located above the pectoralis minor. This is the main muscle most weightlifters use to increase their chest size. This muscle is responsible for moving your arms towards the body and turning your elbows out.

Serratus Anterior

If you are only concerned with visible growth, the Serratus Anterior muscles can be overlooked. It is located directly below the Pectoralis Minor and is vital for movement and stabilization. It stabilizes the Pectoralis Minor’s shoulder blades while moving and supports the rib cage, giving your lungs more space.

It is essential to understand the anatomy of the human chest. Most people believe that because you know the anatomy of each muscle, you can isolate them all. This mindset is dangerous and can cause more damage than good to your body over the long term.

Is It Possible To Isolate The Inner Pectoral Muscle?

It is not easy to answer the question about muscle isolation. Both “yes” as well “no” are the answers to this question.


You can do certain exercises that target only one muscle group within your body, such as your arms or chest. These exercises can be repeated over and over to build strength and tone, and thus visually grow the area.


You can do isolation exercises that target one muscle group but not the rest. It is impossible to activate both the Serratus Anterior and Pectoralis Major in an exercise that targets your Pectoralis major.

The human body is made up of many interconnected muscles, which are required for certain movements. You can target certain muscle groups but you cannot switch specific muscles on or off within those groups.

Isolation vs Compound Exercises

It is physically impossible to isolate the inner pectoral muscle for strength or growth. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t incorporate movements that target the internal pectoral muscles as part of larger pectoral muscle groups. You will need to combine isolation and compound exercises in order to achieve this.

Compounded exercises mimic movements that are common in daily life and target whole muscle groups at once. Compound exercises are fluid movements that target entire muscle groups. They include deadlifts and presses as well as rows.

Isolation exercises to target a specific muscle and not the entire group. Isolation exercises include leg extensions, Russian twists, and bicep curls. If properly integrated, these exercises can be very effective for strength training and aesthetics. For example, chest exercises can build strength and improve your ability to perform compound lifts such as overhead lifts, rows, presses, and presses.

If you concentrate on one area and neglect the rest, isolation exercises can be dangerous. If you are trying to build your upper body but only your arms and chest, you could be neglecting your core. This imbalance in strength could cause severe injuries or even permanent damage.

Find the Perfect Angle

To target specific muscles within a particular muscle group, you must first determine which angle activates it. Although joints can move in many directions, each direction requires a different muscle from that group. You can target a particular muscle with an exercise, but not all of them.

Overhead presses, for example, will target your Pectoralis minor and Serratus Anterior much more than your Pectoralis major. Bench presses, on the other hand, will activate your Pectoralis major more than your Serratus Anterior.

Results Come from Having the Right Mindset

It can be difficult to combine functional fitness and aesthetic goals. It is important to be aware of your body and how it moves. The aesthetics will naturally come out if you place importance on strength, power, flexibility, and overall strength.

You may be frustrated if you don’t see the results you desire when you try to increase your pectoral muscle mass. You will see results only if you combine isolation exercises with compound exercises that improve overall strength and stability.

Exercise is important for your health and well-being. It can be difficult to stay consistent and achieve your aesthetic goals without that mindset. It will be much easier to keep your body healthy and strong once you have a solid foundation.

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