How Does Walmart’s Pickup and Delivery Work? The Whole Story About Walmart OPD


Walmart Online Pickup and Delivery is a convenient way for customers to purchase groceries and other essential products online.

Walmart, the largest retailer in the USA, launched a free pick-up service in 2013. This allows customers to save time shopping and prompts them to pick up ready to collect items at their chosen Walmart location.

A few years later, Walmart began offering grocery delivery services. This service fulfilled orders placed at Walmart stores and delivered goods directly to customers’ homes.

It is happening online today, slowly known as the digital pickup-and-delivery service offered by Walmart.

This blog will discuss Walmart OPD, also known as Walmart Online Pickup and Delivery (sometimes abbreviated OPD Walmart), along with its benefits and frequently asked questions.

What is Walmart OPD?


Walmart OPD is Walmart Online Pickup and Delivery. It’s a two-phase program that allows Walmart to innovate to improve customers’ lives every day.

Two terms are important to know:

  • Pick up
  • Delivery

The first is when a user orders through and chooses for Walmart online pickup, the items are packed by Walmart associates, prepared for your arrival, and then given to you at the store.

Customers have the option of picking it up at a designated spot in the store, or having it delivered to their vehicle curbside.

The second option is where the items ordered are delivered to the customer at an additional delivery charge.


Digital pickup and delivery (OPD) offers a number of advantages to customers. These are a few significant benefits in brief:

The primary benefit of using Walmart OPD services is that there are never any lineups at the checkout. You simply load your basket with the products you want to purchase, then pay for them.

Save a lot of time: You may save a lot of time by shopping online. Customers are purchasing conveniently thanks to a quick instant checkout process and a reserved pickup time slot.

Free: There is no charge for Walmart pick-up services. But, if the cost of your delivery option is less than $35, just pay the $5.99 minimum.

How Does Delivery and Pickup from Walmart Online Work?

Walmart’s pick-up and delivery system works beyond imagination. allows customers to pick up or have Walmart Grocery delivered directly to their homes.

Here are the steps to place your order for delivery or pick up.

1 To shop online, create an account at Walmart

2 allows you to click on “How would you like your items?” and choose your preferred shopping option between Shipping, Pick up, and Delivery.


Log in to Walmart mobile app and enter your ZIP code. This will allow you to find a Walmart near you. You can add items to your shopping cart, and you can choose either pickup or delivery during checkout.

Note The interface will ask for your pickup time when you select the “Pick Up” option.

3. The highly-trained personal shoppers will then select the product and place it in a bag.

4. The customer can then collect the item by notifying associates that he/she came to the store to pick up from the orange-colored online grocery pickup spaces.

What’s the pickup procedure at Walmart?

Walmart set up online grocery pickup services in a systematic and productive approach.

Walmart offers digital pickup and online delivery for more than 100,000 products, including fresh meat and fruit, pantry essentials, and other items.

For a $35 minimum purchase online or through the Walmart mobile app, a client can choose to use the Walmart pickup service. They can pick up their orders at a designated time and location after 8:00 am and before 8:00 pm once they have finished adding things to the cart.

If you submit your request for a Walmart grocery pickup order, you’ll get a notification on the credentials you provided confirming that your order is ready for pickup. You’ll also receive a message soon before the start of your reservation time.

Visit the orange-marked grocery pickup parking areas to find two options for pickup: curbside pickup to your car and in-store pickup.

Where Can I Find OPD Service?

Visit the official Walmart portal.

Go to “How do you want your items?” and click. option


Choose your preferred shopping method from the drop-down menus labelled “Shipping,” “Pickup,” and “Delivery.”


Click on “Add address” to inform Walmart of your location for shipping and delivery purposes.


Then, decide which shop you wish to pick up your order from.


What Should I Do If Pickup Orders Are Delayed or Canceled?

Sometimes Walmart may not send you an email notification about the “pickup is ready” message.

Be sure to follow these steps if you have to cancel or delay pickup orders.

  • Wait for the Ready to Pickup notification.
  • Before you leave the store, check out Walmart’s check-in option.

If the above actions do not work and you still experience a delay, please call the store.


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