How does Product Information Management work?


The e-commerce industry has seen steady and significant growth in recent years. By 2025, the sales will be around 7.4 trillion dollars. This is more than 60% growth over 2021. It seems that the pace of e-commerce is increasing.

Your company must be proactive to be successful in this fast-growing market. PIM software can help you take your business to new heights.

PIM software is Product Information Management software. It centralizes all product data. It enriches, collects, and makes it easy to share information with all stakeholders.

You can improve product data management and increase your revenue with the PIM solution.

What Does PIM Process Mean?

This software may sound great for your business. How does PIM work?

PIM software stores product data in one central location. It allows you to import product data from multiple sources. It allows users to edit, add, or modify product data in real time. The software also enriches product sheets and distributes the information to all relevant channels. PIM can also be connected to different marketing and sales platforms.

PIM solutions can store any product data you can think of. This includes basic information like SKUs and models, product pictures and specifications, warnings, and warnings, and more advanced information such as marketing descriptions and text and product stories. You can customize this list to suit your company’s needs.

To notify the sales and marketing team of any changes, you can use PIM tools. They can update their actions and areas of responsibility on a product sheet. It serves as a product-centered communication tool that keeps everyone informed in a timely manner.

PIM software assists marketing teams with data analysis. This data structure allows them to set up product placements based on, say, a specific region. You can easily group products, assign metrics and track them.

The Best Practices in Product Information Management

These are the best practices to help you succeed with product information management.

Centralized Storage

Data management involves the group effort of putting all information together in one place. It should be accessible to everyone, and it must be consistent. This will reduce the chances of errors and allow you to have more control over your project.

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Uncomplicated Workflow

PIM software streamlines processes and ensures smooth workflow. The software makes it easier to manage micromanagement and allows for faster product development. PIM software can be easily adjusted to suit any size company, so that you can improve the efficiency of each stage.

External use should make your PIM software compatible with your sales channels. Data distribution does not require extra attention. We recommend that PIM software include a localization tool if you are looking to quickly launch global sales.

Product Knowledge

Your products should be able to generate revenue and convert customers. Optimizing the performance of your products is crucial. Information management is an important aspect. Here are some methods to view products from all angles:

  • Unique product information will be appreciated by customers.
  • To attract attention, add a high-quality photo.
  • Make your data SEO-friendly
  • You can use A/B testing to find the best product information match.
  • Identifying the sales channels and adapting the product sheet to each channel.
  • To optimize your data for conversion growth, analyze metrics

These steps should not be taken lightly in an ever-evolving marketplace like e-commerce. Keep your eye on the long-term and adjust to increase revenue.

Finding the perfect PIM solution can be a tedious task, but it is easier and less stressful than if you tried it traditionally.

How to use a Product Information Management System

While it is important to know how PIM works, it is equally important that you are able to and willing to use it. There are many PIM software choices on the market. They all function as a centralized and structured database. Before you choose one, consider your business requirements. How big is your product catalog? Which sales channels are you using? What markets are they targeting? This will allow you to narrow down your best-fit solution area.

Analyze the requirements of your team and determine what interface they need. You should make the interface easy to use. This will make it easy for your team to understand the workflow.

You can choose the best option for your business, as a product manager.

To stay current with the latest product management trends, it is a smart move to take a look at these products regularly.


It is easy to implement but it can make a huge difference in your company’s product management. You can manage your data efficiently, react quickly to market changes, track progress and allow your team to work with data effortlessly and seamlessly. It is obvious that these benefits will result in higher conversion and revenue growth.

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