Board Meeting Software Reviews and Board Portal Software Comparisons

Board Meeting Software Reviews and Board Portal Software Comparisons

A board portal software-enabled board meeting is a far more efficient approach to wrap up internal business. Such meetings are organised efficiently and without interfering with business operations thanks to sophisticated technologies and online storage.

However, because every business is unique, it could be challenging to choose the finest board software solution. We created this guide on how to compare board portals in order to help you with your search.

What is worth looking out for? Full guide to choosing board management software

Board software solutions differ in the tools they offer to help make board meetings more efficient. However, every software solution of this kind should have the following features implemented and ready for use:

Prior To The Meeting

Without considering all that takes place before to a board meeting, it is impossible to compare board portal features. The board meeting software should make it simple to prepare the relevant papers in advance of the meeting and deliver the agenda to every board member.
It should make preparing easier because it frequently comes with a calendar integration from Google Calendar or from a board site native solution.

Accompanying The Meeting Itself

Many board portal reviews focus on the software solution’s ability to help out during the meeting. The board portal solution should be able to aid the person overseeing the meeting by taking attendance, making votes, and summarizing the events that occur during it. All of the board members should have an active look at what is happening during the meetings, so they can catch up if they ever get lost during a presentation.

After The Meeting Reports

A report should be written up from everything that was discussed when a meeting is called to order. A capable board portal solution can accomplish that using all of the information entered into the programme.

And once the procedure is finished, sending it should only require a mouse click. Reviews of board management software typically place this feature near the end.

These are the key components that a board meeting solution ought to include. If we assess portal applications more closely,

Other Case-specific Characteristics That It Might Have Include:

  • Permissions for the files stored in the area. They should be based on who does what kind of tasks within the organisation so that they receive only the files they require.
  • Specially curated tools for nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations often have to deal with a lot of paperwork as well as a lot of meetings. This is where having tools that are designed specifically for them can come in handy and make their lives a whole lot easier.
  • The approval process of a meeting minutes document is that it has to be read and approved by the head of the board meeting before it becomes official. To help with this process, an approval system has been put into place where the head of the board can electronically sign the document and share it with those who are involved.
  • File organization is key when it comes to board software because a board portal is likely to be filled with documents related to important board meetings. If your board portal solution doesn’t have a good way to organize files, it might be time to consider finding one that does. Look for a board portal solution that offers features like file tagging, version control, and search so you can easily find the documents you need when you need them.


Board meetings are a crucial component of the life cycle of every business. During such a discussion, topics such as the company’s accomplishments, ongoing projects, and uncertain future business transactions are all discussed.
Reading a board portal review and seeking for a software solution that satisfies your needs could be beneficial in this regard. You will be able to decide more quickly and find what you’re looking for with the aid of our list, a list of board portal providers, and client reviews of board portals.

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